Project Description

Sand Boarding

The Namib Desert is reputed to house some of the largest sand dunes on this planet. Conquer These constantly shifting and powerfully towering beauties by zooming down the sheer slip faces on a traditional Swakopmund sandboard or carve up the dune with style and skill on a snowboard adapted for sand. Lie down boarding: Catch your breath and gasp at the slope as you lie face down, dangling over the edge of the slip face, before being pushed off the edge and sent on your way down the curving rolling, sandy slopes. To master the basics, training rides begin on Little Nellie and Brigit. With confidence continue to wind your way around the dune to the terrible twins, Lizzie and Dizzie, where a heart-stopping 80kph can be reached.The stand-up rides on snowboards are recommended for snowboarders, surfers and even newbies can try the thrill.