Project Description

Scenic Flight

This scenic flight discovers the ancient desert deep in the heart of Namibia and the southern Skeleton Coast from the air. Sunlit sand dunes roll and undulate, and are beautiful in a way that is not of this world. Around there is sand and ochre dunes stand sentinel against the blue sky. Add to the sand sea a low level flight along the green Kuiseb to the Kuiseb Canyon, as well along the coastline, which has its own story to tell. Listen carefully – each of the Atlantics wild waves will whisper a different story in your ear: of diamond camps, shipwrecks that rust away on the shoreline, the long wall also called wall of death. The clean golden smell of the desert on a hot day will be with you forever.

Other flights available are: Skeleton Coast, Damaraland, Himba Village Day Excursion, Fish River Canyon, Ghost Town Kolmanskop.